Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ten Random Thoughts

I sort of have a lot to talk about, but most of them aren't things I want to make full-blown posts about. However, here is a random sampling of what has been on my mind and in my WoW lately:

1. The Dead Zone is gone and I still unconsciously back up to "get range" even if I don't have to. I can't help myself. It's months and months of hunter training that I don't know if I can undo. Heehee.

2. The Hellfire Peninsula music really has a very Holst-like feel to it. It feels right out of the Planets Suite to me. It makes me wonder if that's where the game's composers got some inspiration, or if I'm just being a geek. My money is on the latter.

3. I got my Epic Mount!

4. What's with all the shaman-inspired Outlands gear? I keep finding myself choosing the leather rogue quest rewards over the mail shammy ones. Yes, my armor is taking a bit of a hit, and yeah I like Intellect, but come on... if you give me a choice between a +30 agi, +30 stam, +attack power leather piece, and a +12 agi +12 stam +12 int +magical damage/healing mail piece... I'm gonna take the former. I've heard other people say that shamans have an unusually high amount of Outlands stuff, but wow, I had no idea they were this prevalent.

5. I have been challenged! Namely, my guild has put forth a bit of a friendly challenge for those among us who are in our early-60s: to get to 70 by Christmas. A few people have even taken it farther and have a 100g bet on the line for whoever gets there first. I've agreed to participate in the challenge but at the same time, I don't want that to be the sole reason I'm leveling. I'm playing the game for fun, afterall, not to see if I can beat my guildies to 70. So I'm going to maybe kick up my leveling just a notch, and then not worry about it after that. I'll get to 70 when I get there.

6. Speaking of my guild, I really like it a lot. When I first started this blog we were this tiny little guild of about 20 people; somehow we seem to have exploded recently to nearly 100 characters and almost as many accounts. Some people have their tiffs, as you will see in all guilds, but other than that our guild is full of friendly and intelligent people who willingly donate money to others' mount funds and run newbies through instances on a daily basis-- seriously, we seem to have an abnormal number of high-level members who love running lowbie instances. It's kinda funny really... watching the guild's higher-levels all scrambling to be the chosen one who gets to help someone through Deadmines, which once culminated in a Grand Deadmines Race which involved people pairing off and seeing who could run through the fastest. Yes, I do love my guild.

7. I have transferred my tauren hunter to a new realm: The Venture Co. It's an RP-PvP realm. See, I know I often mention how I find PvP realms to be irritating because of all the ganking that goes on. However, I recently got this little dream in my head of being able to say I've leveled to 70 on a PvP server, and being able to experience that and broaden my knowledge that way. But being on a regular PvP server, I really missed the RP, so I've compromised and moved to an RP-PvP server. I'm really happy with my new server so far, though admittedly I've only just transferred-- but it makes me so dorkily giddy to see real roleplay going on, and it's already made my little tauren about ten times more fun to play.

8. Right after the transfer took place and I hopped onto my tauren alt, I noticed something unusual... track humanoids not only shows humanoids on the minimap, but beasts as well! Has anyone else experienced that? I sent a ticket into Blizzard and a GM had me do the whole "disable-all-your-addons" dance, but it didn't change anything so I have been informed that it's being looked into as a bug. In the meantime... it's, um, very handy for contested zones, so it's staying up... *hangs head guiltily*

9. My main is now a Scryer. Aldors had a decent ring, but Scryers had an alchemy recipe, and I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my professions. Gotta catch 'em all!

10. I'd completely forgotten how difficult it is to keep two pets leveled up with you simultaneously, especially since I seem to be perpetually rested these days so I'm always getting double XP while my pets aren't. I fear I may have to soon make a decision and have one pet stay with me to 70 and then come back and grind the other one later. On the other hand, at least leveling a pet that is 7 or 8 levels lower than you shouldn't be quite as bad as leveling one that is several dozen levels lower than you... hopefully that's the case, anyway.

*glances over list*

Hmm. I think I write too much.


Anonymous said...

About the simultaneous tracking: that's the same bug with simultaneous aspects. Somehow the transfer sets a "flag" on the new server for whatever abilities you had on, but since you never used them on that server, the server doesn't "switch" them off.

Activate Track Beasts, de-activate Track Beasts and all should go well.

(Or enjoy while it lasts! Think it will be re-set if you die as tracking abilities get reset then...)

Elistana said...

LOL... that's funny that you still back up... For me, I'm used to cheapshotting right after shadowstep since I always had to be stealthed, so now I'm shadowstepping up to people and trying to cheapshot them out of stealth HAHA... I feel silly

and Congrats on the Mount!!!!!

Pike said...

@ Someone - Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks for the info!

@ Elistana - Thanks! And, haha, guess it's not just us hunters who have things to adjust to. Hehe.

Peashooter said...

Lol, I still back up too, and the tracking thing, has anyone noticed that clicking the tracking icon brings down a menu with all your tracking crap on it, and we can track specific guys now, like, fp givers, repair guys, general goods, bankers, auctioneers, stuff like that. Congrats on mount! And heres hoping you win da contest and still have fun at the same time!

Tengu said...

Well, since I am still quite a newbie to hunters I don't back up. In fact I love the lack of deadzone since if my pet can get the aggro off me I don't have to back up much to shoot the mob.

The new tracking system is very nice too. Saved me some hotkeys and thanks to it I was able to find an ammo seller on Auberdine when I thought there was none. Yeah, I am noob like that. : p

Adora said...

Hey... too bad you rolled Venture, because if you had chosen Scarshield Legion I could have gotten you quite a few RP connections. :)

You see, I'm an officer of a Tauren only guild there, and without bragging we're probably sharing the spot of the most known RP guild on the realm. *is proud*

What level is your Tauren Hunter anyway?

Pike said...

Hehe, I definitely love the new tracking thing as well, and the way it saves a lot of action bar slots.

@ Adora - unfortunately, Scarshield Legion is a European realm which I am unable to play on. Otherwise, an all-tauren guild would definitely have sounded fun!

My tauren is currently a mere level 28 by the way... but I look forward to playing her a lot more often now.

Anonymous said...

I'm the GM of Thunderhoof Clan, and all-Tauren guild on Venture Co. I was searchin google to see how many other Clans like our were out there and came across your post.

Check out our web page at and see if you'd like to park your hunter with us!