Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's official... gnomes make everything funnier.

And as much fun as the Gnomified-Deadmines was (who wouldn't love a cuddly, pink-haired Mr. Smite?), the Gnomified-AV truly took the cake with a Gnome Galv, Gnome Drek, and Gnome Shamans on Kodos.

Special thanks to the Brewfest [Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles]! (Ooh, sorry about the bright-white, hard to read text.)


pelides said...

Oh wow! I just read that you're a filmmaker! So am I! An editor mostly, but I've gotten my hands dirty on more C-Stands than I care to mention!

Peashooter said...

Great blog. I just linked you on mine :)

loronar said...

On the topic of gnomes...you should watch this if you haven't yet.

Pike said...

@ Pelides - Yep, I majored in filmmaking in school, and I have a bachelor's degree in it actually, however, I'm not so sure it's something I want to actually pursue professionally anymore. =P

@ Peashooter - thank you very much for the compliment and the link, I've begun reading your blog and linked to you as well =D

@ Loronar - haha, that's great!