Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Teal Kitty

That, my friends, is Rak'Shiri, the oh-so-elusive Winterspring spawn that is the prized catch of Alliance hunters everywhere (since hordies can summon the same type of cat for a quest, so they don't have to go hunting for him. =P) He has a sort of teal-tint to him, and that is one of the reasons why I picked him over other cats... because teal has long been my favorite color. This also explains my character's hair color... but I digress!

My wait for him actually wasn't that bad. I camped out at Frostsaber Rock for a couple hours last night, with no luck, but a lot of guildies were on at the time chatting up a storm so I at least wasn't lonely. Then, this morning, at roughly 4:30 am server time (don't worry, I work the early morning shift, so I'm used to it... and I'm an hour ahead of my server anyway) I logged on again to see if he was there. I didn't see him at first, but I did manage to catch him out of the corner of my eye when I was on my way out...

Taming him was certainly an adventure; I was pet-less, obviously, and there were mobs everywhere. After several false starts and mashings of the Feign Death button (I maintain my stance that Feign Death is a girl's best friend), I laid down a freezing trap and began the taming process. Not long into this, I was jumped by a stealthed mob. Helplessly I watched my HP dwindle but then, in the nick of time, my new kitty was tamed and helping me fight the offender. Unfortunately this meant I hadn't had time to feed him or teach him growl, so he wasn't a lot of help, especially since more and more mobs kept showing up. We fought valiantly for a while, but eventually I hit the bucket. I didn't mind though, because I now had my lovely Big Teal Kitty.

(Adding to the overall amusement of the above story is that I was wearing the Leper Gnome costume the whole time.)

It will take a few levels to get my new kitty up to speed, I think, but it'll be fun. And obviously I will never, ever fully give up Tux. But it's about time I had another pet to play with... just in time for Outlands, too, since I also hit 58 last night. He does need a good name, though. It was my boyfriend who ironically came up with the idea of naming him after a philosopher a la Hobbes (the irony being that as far as I am aware, he has never read BRK), so I'll be thinking!

Oh, and thank you all for the suggestions on blog readers. I will be looking into them this weekend.


Kestrel said...

Congrats on both accomplishments: the new pet (I'm jealous!) and level 58. Welcome to Outland!

Gorespike said...

In a leper costume??? Now that must have been funny to see. Grats on the pet =)

loronar said...

Teal cats! Much like blue tigers?

Galor said...

lol, did the same thing but it took me about 6 days to find him.
Got up early one morning 5:30 CDT (and I'm an hr behind my server) and logged in after my wife headed off to work. Did the eagle eye bit around the known places and also used a macro /target and sure enough when I eyed the south end den and hit the macro, boom, there he was. I about had a heart attack, and I'm an old guy.

Ran down and was heading to him when I got rid of my trash pet and laid down a freeze trap to pull him, into it but he move a little faster then expected. So know I'm too far from my trap and said what the heck, I started taming him with out the trap. After a few seconds later I tame him with three quarts of my health still left. Now he was -35 TP in the hole as a lvl 57 and loyalty of 1 and it took about 75% while upping his lvl that the loyalty went up to 2 his TP increased to +22. When I lvl him up to Lvl 58 I had about 79 pts. I thought it would have been 80 pnts but not sure what the difference is.

He's up to lvl 60 right now iwill take me a while to lvl him up to 70. So all those lvl 70's Hunters out there looking for a neat and Rare cat this is the one. I believe that he is the only cat that growls when he stretches’.

Gratz and Good Hunting
I wonder if Hobbes is one?

Galor and Rex (Rak'S)

Anonymous said...

@galor: It should be 81 TPs if he started with -35, so my guess is you misread it and he started with -37 instead...

@Pike: You can teach pets new abilities even while fighting, so you could have taught him Growl. Would probably be worth those extra seconds. Anyway, grats on your pet! My ghost saber has been stabled since early 50ies when I started using a boar, and now, even though I like the cat more, I simply can't go on without the HUGE amount of initial aggro the boar gets! I can go all out, blow all CDs and trinkets and abilities and still I don't out-aggro the mob or if I do, it's so close to dead that doesn't get alive to me! :) So, while I'm leveling, I'll be using the boar, then I'll switch back to my semi-transparent kitty to level it up (yes, I know it will be a pain, but it's also a pain to level two at once, so I'd rather do that later. Besides, maybe Blizz throws us some bone until then and leveling a pet gets easier when I get to that point!)

Anonymous said...

@Galor: (again!)

After checking Petopia, he only knows Dash 3, so he should start at -25 TPs and not -35... And thus should be at 91 TPs left when 58 if in loyalty level 2...

Unless, of course, he does come with some other ability and Petopia needs to be corrected! :)