Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beware My Rudimentary Art Skills

I have made a topbanner for my blog! As I do not have access to a working scanner at the moment, the characters were mouse-drawn in GIMP. Then they were pasted onto a picture of Elwynn Forest. I think it turned out okay. The hardest part was figuring out how to center the image because, by default, it aligned to the left. It's still sort of stuck to the top of the banner but it looks okay for now.

Let me know if you're having trouble reading the banner, I realize the bright blue text is kind of an iffy idea but I tried to make the text large enough to still be easily readable.

Other blog-related news: I've added my e-mail address to the sidebar. I don't know if anybody would have reason to e-mail me but I thought it would be a good idea to have it there, just in case!

WoW-related news: My boyfriend admitted to me the other day that Tux's wings annoy him sometimes. This is understandable and the curse of pets with big flapping wings. I love Tux and would never part with him but as I get closer to "the higher levels" of the game (aka the Outland Levels), I figure it's time to start thinking about an alternative pet to use when the people I'm grouping with would rather I not have a bird. I have my raptor in the stable, but I've also been thinking about the ever-so-classy cat. Decisions, decisions, on what my third pet should be...


Kestrel said...

bannner looks fine, Pike :) And by all means, go for the kitty!!

Winged pets are cool when soloing; I've recently trained a wind serpent I like a LOT (and the smallest wings of any of the flying pets).

But in an instance, the wings are definitely distracting, especially when you're looking at the screen mostly with peripheral vision: It's a constant "WTF was that?" moment. ;)

That said, kitty is my favorite, but raptors now have dash so they're much more viable. And ravagers, although ugly, deal a ton of dps.

pelides said...

Cats, raptors and ravagers are the dps choice of raiders... except for one hunter in my guild who insists on bringing a bear into raids!

If you really want to tick of a tank or a healer... bring an owl into a raid!

Pike said...

Thanks for the input guys! I love my owl but I realize he'll probably have to stay home a lot... so I'll certainly be researching pets to decide which one I want to be my "group pet".

Brehm said...

Raptor raptor all the way. My hunter very rarely uses anything BUT the raptor. Especially after 2.2 patch & dash. I <3 Joanna (my raptor)