Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're All Mad Here

Okay, so I am currently sick with a nasty flu and 101-degree fever, so while anything I say in this blog can and will be used against me, I plead temporary insanity regarding anything in this post.

So yeah, I was thinking it would be fun to have three endgame hunters, one of each spec... then I was thinking... it would be fun to have one hunter for every race that can be a hunter... two down, five to go...

The little voices in my head are telling me I should probably lay down or something. I scoff at them, because I must defend Halaa. For reasons still unknown to science, defending Halaa has become my latest favorite past time. You get near Halaa, you get to meet Big Red Pike. Oh, what's this? I see you have brought a rogue, a warlock, and a resto druid with you! Yeah, bring it, good sirs. I will at least live long enough to annoy you with strategically placed traps and Viper Stings. I see the men coming with straitjackets. Okay, if you need me, I will be curled up with a blanket and a box of tissues. And probably my Nintendo DS.

Or maybe defending Halaa while browsing LFG for instance groups.

*shifty eyes*


krizzlybear said...

I am convinced that you do have the fever-induced crazies. Halaa? Are you serious?

At least you have the sanity to cling to your DS. Oh wait, better throw that one out as well!

DSi: the new DS with freaking camera/mp3/SD flash memory/downloadable games/other nerdgasm-inducing qualities.

Get it now, or be seriously tagged as insane.

Tchann said...

If you've got the kind of sickness that leaves the nasty mucus stuck in your throat and turns into a sore throat, I've found that mixing purple fruit juice (pomegranate, grape, etc...) with cream soda is a wonderful relief for that.

Also, one hunter of each race sounds awesome. Go for it. :D

Kantaro said...

aww... pike. hope you feel better

and settle down, Halaa can live on without Master Pike for a few days.

/locks computer away

Nintendo DS is much less stressful :)