Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's In a Pet?

Teal Windserpent shall be known as Eltanin (pronounced ell-TAY-nin as far as I can tell) : brightest star in the constellation Draco. It perhaps isn't an overly witty name as so many of my other pet names are, but my new Windserpent has a majestic presence of sorts to him, and thus he needed a majestic name. And it still does have a pretty neat little meaning behind it.

He is now halfway through level 62 and he is Loyalty Level 3. He got there partially through some solo-grinding, but largely through group work: so far, thanks to the help of some guildies, Eltanin has already seen several group quests in Shadowmoon Valley, basically every single Sunwell daily there is, and even the inside of Auchenai Crypts.

I've grown rather attached to him in just these past two days, which is sort of alarming because he was supposed to be an experimental pet of sorts. Whatdaya do when you've got three pets you can't part with? (Especially if you're a big dork like me, and all three pets come off as having completely different personalities and quirks which makes them even more special.) I suppose all I can do now is pray that Blizzard gives us more stable slots for Wrath of the Lich King.

I've been thinking lately I would love to see a fairly-"realistic" picture of Tawyn and her pets; perhaps she'd just be relaxing, content, by some campfire in the middle of the woods with Tux on her shoulder or perched on a nearby branch, and Locke resting his head on her knee, and Eltanin quietly keeping guard a little ways away. Sadly the extent of my artistic talent is cutesy Disneyesque cartoons; I could never fashion something the way I've described it. I'd commission a good artist to draw it, though. Cause I'm obsessed.

Speaking of obsessed, I rolled another hunter. Is this 14, 15 now? I've lost count. Only three of them are level 20 or higher anyways... (Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem.)

Hmm, I suppose this wasn't a particularly interesting post. In order to bulk it up a bit, I'll add that I have now added Twitter updates to my blog sidebar and I'm going to experiment with that (in case anybody cares about various mundane details of my life), and yes, I have Hunter Kindergarten posts in the works. I love writing them, but I like to spend time on them. /nods


Softi said...

Aww you and your pets Pike, what are we gonna do with ya huh? :P
Got my fingers crossed for more stable slots too, I mean 2? Come on Blizz!

Also... yay for twitter!

LS said...

Microblag, lawl.

Wildhermit said...

I tried to level a gorilla but just could not help but compare him to my boar. I have made orc hunters, nelf hunters, dwarf hunters, and my current draeni hunters. They all end up with Bellygrub. I am not sure why... but I have tried to nab him earlier on each toon. I NEED more boars.

On another note.... Why don't you do your "disney majestic" version of you and the "kids" and post it. Perhaps someone will come along to do another version with yours as inspiration.

Faeldray said...

I love the name Eltanin! (although I'm tempted to pronounce it el-TAN-in) Very cool name.

What do I do when I want to tame yet another pet for myself? *ahem* I make a new hunter. So far, 8 of them is working out pretty good :)

dechion said...

I want anothe stable slot so bad I would be happy if they put it as our 51 point talent. yes I went there :P

Nomakk said...

@Dechion - Lol, make it BM's 51st point, that would be refreshing to see as a survival hunter =D

@Pike - We DO need more stables slots, 2 more! I mean, every hunter would PAY for could be 1,000g and we would do it. Especially the sentimental Hunters like yourself (me too, but don't tell anyone!). I have said good-bye to many pets that I could not manage to hold onto :(

Lets all cross our fingers! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow....and here I thought it was just me! More stable slots please!
As for art work, you might want to look at/talk to someone like Wyndforge at I have admired their work and I know a lot of others do as well.

Gunsnbutter -- Excelsior/Uther

Karl said...

Question: are the animations on him (her?) better than the broken animations on the Outlands WS's?.. especially the running animations?

Viktel said...

"Windserpent has a majestic presence of sorts to him...."

Yep, you are totally hooked. I envy you not the decision before you.

Fortunately though it should be a while before you have to make it.