Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guild Stuff

My guild has taken to calling me "The [Insert Synonym for "Strong" Here] Hunter." So I am now commonly greeted with stuff like "How is The Mighty Hunter today?", "Well if it isn't The Fierce Hunter", and "What is The Ferocious Hunter up to?" And these names are only used to refer to me and not any of the other hunters in the guild, at least as far as I am aware. Granted, we are a somewhat small guild right now, but still... I am amused.

Considerably more unusual, however, is the fact that I have apparently become the de facto "hunter expert" in our guild. The other hunters in the guild come to me asking for advice regarding spec, gear, pets, and basically anything and everything pertaining to hunters. I feel rather not-up-to-task for this job. I'm the WoW-nublet who hasn't even hit level 60 yet and these people who are working on their fourth or fifth character, some of whom have had hunters in the past, are coming to me for advice. Don't get me wrong, I'm enormously flattered by it, but I can only hope that the guidance I am giving is actually good guidance.

Fortunately I feel that I have learned a huge deal myself from regularly partaking of the wisdom of blogs such as Big Red Kitty and The Hunter's Mark, and many others (which I will link to at a later date), so even if I would refrain from calling myself a true hunter expert for a while yet, I think I can do an adequate job filling the role for the time being. I hope I can anyway.

And I suppose the above stories only go to show that other people can sense my enthusiasm for my class! I'm not surprised. =P

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