Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today I was herb-farming in Hillsbrad and stumbled across a level 24 Blood Elf Hunter taking on a level 30 Giant Yeti. I reigned in my horse and observed as, bit by bit, she took him down. A very impressive feat, I thought, for somebody who, say, didn't even have Feign Death yet. I'm still not sure how she did it, although it seemed to involve a lot of bouncing around, a lot of shifting aggro between her and her pet, and at least one healing potion.

By the end of the epic battle it was getting to the point where either side could have been the winner. I think the blood elf probably would have won anyway, but just to be safe I quickly fired off a shot, critting and easily disposing of the yeti. I wanted to let her know how impressed I was... /congrats, perhaps? But she pulled a /bonk on me and ran away. So I responded with a /giggle on went on my way as well.

Dear level 24 Blood Elf Hunter on Silver Hand, and all other awesome resourceful hunters everywhere: you guys remind me why I love this class so much. Because playing a hunter is like playing with a big bag of magic tricks-- it's fun, it's supposed to be. Please keep on performing epic feats of survivability and have fun with your class!

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